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Checkpoint RFID Solutions for DC

No description

Juliet Chan

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Checkpoint RFID Solutions for DC

The Roadmap to RFID
Manufacturing and DC Solutions
Manufactured items tagged @ source with pre-encoded labels.
EPC # Management
Labour savings
Tagging @ source creates a direct Inventory link
Manufacturer, DC and Store..
Visibility of Inventory movements / availability from point of manufacture all the way through the supply chain.
Enhanced OSA.
Brand protection
ASN Management improvement through automation
Accurate inventory for inbound and outbound stock
Simplified stock taking
'eye in the sky'

Inventory is fully traceable
throughout the supply chain.

Managing Loss.
Managing Working
Process improvement -speed to shelf
Validation & Improvement of Omnichannel Orders:

- Reduce returns.
- Omni-channel fulfillment efficiency for greater
customer satisfaction.
- More accurate inventory.

"The last line of defence"
Most Deployments Start in Store, Move to DCs
Quantitative Study December 2015
Most common applications for RFID in Supply Chain
ChainLink Research December 2015
Retailers are Investing in Supply Chain Process Improvement, Omni-Channel Fulfillment Technology
Auburn University State of the Retail Supply Chain 2016

RFID Processes Applied -DC
- Automated receipt using portal readers
- Inventory accuracy to 99%
- Encoding activity (if not done at source) -
Tunnel/Garment readers
- Store order validation / ASN - Tunnel
- Integration WMS/ERP
- Link to store systems for
inventory receipt
Many of you have seen the efficient RFID solutions at Zara (Inditex)...
Now see how it all began at the DC with RFID Tunnel &
Garment Readers
80% Improvement in
shipping accuracy

75% reduction in
Omni-channel Fulfillment
Shipping & Fulfillment
Authenticity of products
Track downstream shipment - eliminate grey market
Reduction in vendor chargebacks
Shipping & Receiving Accuracy
90% reduction in receiving time
100% delivery verification
100x faster stock counts
Endless array depending on use cases
RFID Tunnels / Garment Readers

RFID Bulk Pallet Readers

RFID Tables

RFID Overhead Readers

Pedestals / Fixed Readers

Eye in the Sky - Zonal

Mobile Options
RFID Reader - Metrics
Tunnel Bulk read - Box qty's 200 / 99.9% accuracy. (1.2m/s)

Bundles - 450 items with 99.9% accuracy. (0.4m/s)

Defective Product Management
Identify where defects occur in the supply chain to narrow down the scope of product recalls
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